2022 Book Recommendations

I love reading. As a fellow innovator, I’ll bet you do too. I’ve found that the right book can fundamentally change your understanding of things. Shape your mind in new ways. Every week, I feature a book I found interesting in my weekly newsletter. The topics ranged from innovation to creativity, to design thinking, to customer experience, to business modeling, to brainstorming, as well as recommendations on envisioning the future: predicting, embracing, and surviving change.

The Future Starts Here

When we look into the future, we imagine economic collapse, environmental disaster, and the zombie apocalypse. But what if we are wrong? John Higgs takes us on a journey past the technological hype and headlines to discover why we shouldn’t trust science fiction predictions, why nature is not as helpless as we assume, and why purpose can never be automated. In the process, we will come to a better understanding of what lies ahead and how despite everything we can build a better future.

Stop Asking Questions: How to Lead High-Impact Interviews and Learn Anything from Anyone

An essential read for podcasters, salespeople, startup founders, and anyone who wants to lead deeper conversations with people they admire. Andrew Warner’s book not only teaches you how to interview, but it also teaches you how to learn.

Design Thinking Process & Methods

Design Thinking has the power to transform nearly everything. It is a human-centered approach to finding innovative real solutions to tough problems.

Winning the Right Game: How to Disrupt, Defend, and Deliver in a Changing World

The basis of competition is changing. Are you prepared? Rivalry is shifting from well-defined industries to broader ecosystems: automobiles to mobility platforms; banking to fintech; television broadcasting to video streaming.

hat tip to Tammy Madsen

Black-and-White Thinking: The Burden of a Binary Brain in a Complex World

Using the latest advances in psychology, neuroscience, and evolutionary biology, Dutton shows how we can optimize our tendency to categorize and fine-tune our minds to avoid the pitfalls of too little, and too much, complexity.

hat tip to Neil Botten

Framers: Human Advantage in an Age of Technology and Turmoil

To frame is to make a mental model that enables us to make sense of new situations. Frames guide the decisions we make and the results we attain. People have long focused on traits like memory and reasoning, leaving framing all but ignored.

hat tip to Neil Botten

How Creativity Rules the World: The Art and Business of Turning Your Ideas into Gold

This timeless guide promises to make the creative process of billion-dollar entrepreneurs and successful seven-figure artists accessible and actionable for you.

Chasing Failure: How Falling Short Sets You Up for Success

We all have something we’d love to do, but often our fear of failure outweighs the potential of our destiny. But what if we found out that failure could actually help us succeed?

Laziness Does Not Exist

Explores the psychological underpinnings of the “laziness lie,” including its origins from the Puritans and how it has continued to proliferate as digital work tools have blurred the boundaries between work and life. Using in-depth research, Price explains that people today do far more work than nearly any other humans in history yet most of us often still feel we are not doing enough.

Anthro-Vision: A New Way to See in Business and Life

While today’s business world is dominated by technology and data analysis, award-winning financial journalist and anthropology Ph.D. Gillian Tett advocates thinking like an anthropologist to better understand consumer behavior, markets, and organizations to address some of society’s most urgent challenges.

Online Innovation: Tools, Techniques, Methods, and Rules to Innovate Online

After describing 10 common pitfalls, the authors share great tools and techniques that work in practice.

Corporate Explorer: How Corporations Beat Startups at the Innovation Game

Innovation used to be seen as a game best left to entrepreneurs, but now a new breed of corporate managers is flipping this logic on its head. These Corporate Explorers have the insight, resilience, and discipline to overcome the obstacles and build new ventures from inside even the largest organizations.

Driving Innovation from Within: A Guide for Internal Entrepreneurs

Conventional business wisdom tells us that entrepreneurs are society’s main source of innovation. However, many of the modern world’s most impactful creations were invented by passionate employee innovators

Your Survival Instinct Is Killing You: Retrain Your Brain to Conquer Fear, Make Better Decisions, and Thrive in the 21s t Century

Thanks to technology, we live in a world that’s much more comfortable than ever before. But here’s the paradox: our tolerance for discomfort is at an all-time low. And as we wrestle with a sinking “discomfort threshold,” we increasingly find ourselves at the mercy of our primitive instincts and reactions that can perpetuate disease, dysfunction, and impair performance and decision making.

Elastic: Flexible Thinking in a Time of Change

In this startling and provocative look at how the human mind deals with change, Leonard Mlodinow shows us to unleash the natural abilities we all possess so we can thrive in dynamic and troubled times.

The Loop: How Technology Is Creating a World Without Choices and How to Fight Back

This eye-opening narrative journey into the rapidly changing world of artificial intelligence reveals the dangerous ways AI is exploiting the unconscious habits of our minds—and the real threat it poses to humanity.

Inspired: How to Create Tech Products Customers Love

How do today’s most successful tech companies―Amazon, Google, Facebook, Netflix, Tesla―design, develop, and deploy the products that have earned the love of literally billions of people around the world? Perhaps surprisingly, they do it very differently than the vast majority of tech companies.

Deliver Great Products That Customers Love: The Guide to Product Management for Innovators, Leaders, and Entrepreneurs

Building a great product that customers love requires a variety of skills, mindsets, and techniques. Starting from the three pillars of customer focus, the culture of Agility, and team empowerment, this book explains how to go from theory to practice.

Innovation Management and New Product Development

Clear and informed coverage of the management processes of new product development, coupled with practical orientation of taking you through real-life challenges and dilemmas.

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