5 Ideas I Came Up With In The Shower

How Useful Is Your Shower Time?

A colleague of mine said the other day – not jokingly – that he comes up with 5 new ideas every day while in the shower – so I thought: I can do that: Here’s today 5 new ideas:

  1. Weight-Loss Idea 1 – a scale that never shows an increase in weight. Normally, when you step on a scale, it will report your current weight. Those who are on a diet, seeing that weight go back up – even if it’s a normal fluctuation,  will get very discouraged and possibly stop dieting. This scale checks your current weight against your last recorded weight and shows the lower figure.
  2. Weight Loss idea 2 – a scale like the above, but which reports a lower weight every week, whether you lose weight, gain weight, or stay the same. This scale will decrement your reported weight by .5 of a pound, or whatever you have lost since last time. Again, showing progress keeps the dieter on track.
  3. A Sugar Burger: take two things that taste great and put them together. Take a hamburger and coat with brown sugar, then pan-fry in butter.
  4. An unhealthy vegan burger – but one that tastes awesome. Why do all vegan things have to taste bad and/or be healthy for you? Why not a Vegan Sugar Burger!?
  5. A conditioner exuding hairbrush. Hair in a knot? Hard to style? This hairbrush has a leave-in conditioner inside it and can release it into your hair at the press of a button.

What do you think? Good ideas? 😉 Not bad for a 5-minute shower. That’s like one idea per minute.

Update 2017: At CES 2017, they showed off a hairbrush, which helped detect how long you should be brushing your hair. It is connected with an app that gives you all sorts of statistics on your hair as you were brushing it. Future versions would also be able to introduce correctly formulated conditioners. So, I got one of them right.

Shower time can be productive too. 😉