Are You Betting on the Wrong ‘preneur? [VIDEO]

Are You Forgetting the Intrapreneur?

In a culture that worships at the altar of entrepreneurship, intrapreneurship takes a back seat.  There are support systems to mentor, guide, and finance entrepreneurs, meetups and webinars to share entrepreneurial wisdom, and classy events to honor them. They even have their own TV shows. Intrapreneurs, not so much.

In this webinar, we’ll take a look at what true intrapreneurship is, where to find it, and why supporting and growing intrapreneurs in your organization will improve inventiveness, engagement, and competitive advantage.

Presented by our VP, Program & Team Rescue, Terry Shaftel

Most of Terry’s career was spent joyfully poking a sharp stick at “conventional wisdom.” Growing up professionally in and with Silicon Valley, he had the opportunity to see first-hand what made this center of innovation tick while working with customers on the definition of new initiatives and shepherding R&D programs through to completion. His roles included both line and program management, internal and customer-facing.

Early on, Terry noticed that regardless of the culture, tools used, desire, or team composition, most initiatives fail to produce the desired results while damaging the team’s collective engagement and effectiveness.

Why does team performance vary so much? This question led to a decades-long investigation and a track record of producing extraordinary results for high-risk projects under difficult conditions and ultimately wowing customers. The lessons learned culminated in a systemic, low-overhead, and scalable framework for getting stuff done called AIDA Compass.

With the wide variety and depth of experience, Terry now consults and shares his professional wisdom, inventiveness, and the AIDA Compass Framework.

Along the way, he picked up a BS at San Jose State University and did graduate work at Santa Clara University School of Business.