Don’t Wait For Mother Nature: Let’s Augment Ourselves!

So, Mother Nature, God or whoever got us to this point in history. If you believe in God, He set us down on this Earth for a reason. If you believe in evolution, you must feel that we must continue to improve ourselves.

I think that one of the reasons we discovered genetic manipulation, including the ability to re-write our genetic code in order to strip out diseases, create blond haired, blue eyed babies, or even dark haired, brown eyed babies, or any variation of the above, was that we were destined, either by God or Nature, to eventually achieve the ability to augment ourselves. That the next step of human evolution, or ascension, is human driven.

To the believers: Why did God give us the knowledge to manipulate future generations unless He wanted us to do it?

To the evolutionists: Isn’t it possible that the reason we know how to evolve ourselves now is because we evolved the knowledge to evolve ourselves?

So either way: we have gained the knowledge to improve ourselves, and our progeny, greatly. If we truly are to expand the human race to its fullest potential, we should use any and all methods, including genetic manipulation, cloning and drugs in order to improve the human race. And in the search for this improvement, we have to stop saying “should we?” and start saying “we must!”

Sure, there may be some who look at the outward visible, racial and gender aspect. But at the same time, imagine improving ourselves to the point that most of the diseases out there are eliminated. We could strengthen our immune systems, extend our lifespans, truly evolve ourselves into “homo superior”. I mean really, what’s so bad about that?

So let’s stop holding ourselves back, and see what the human race can really do when it sets its mind on it.