The book on innovation. Includes:

  1. Innovation Is Dangerous
  2. The Innovation Blind Spot
  3. You Already Have an Innovation Pipeline and How to Flood It
  4. Seeing the Success in Failure
  5. If You Have Haters, Are You Doing Something Right?
  6. It’s the 21st Century. So Where Is My Flying Car?
  7. Looking For New Ideas? Try the Sci-Fi Bookshelf
  8. Science Cannot Progress Without Heaps
  9. Why Your Company Is Not Innovating
  10. How to Effectively Kill Innovation
  11. Your Innovators Need TLC
  12. Is Innovation Second Fiddle in Your Organization?
  13. We Don’t Need No Stinking Chief Innovation Officers
  14. Techniques to Superpower Your Innovation Program
  15. Tomorrow May Already Be Too Late