INNOVATION MASTERY 19: Rewarding Your Inventors: Experiences [VIDEO]

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This episode: Rewarding Your Inventors: Experiences


Experiences are great prizes, some of which I think are really great and may not be that costly:

1. Local museums, galleries, or special events

2. Trips to other offices within your company with no expectation of anything other than mingling with people from that other office

3. Trips to any external innovation centers you may have

4. Attending an innovation or foresight conference

5. Let your employees work as a “nomad” for a week – moving from co-working space to coffee shop to home and about.

However, none of the above should be done with any expectation of a return – don’t expect them to come back with a report of the state of innovation in your Barcelona office or anything like that.

I’m a big believer in serendipity. As you will see in one of the exercises I have at the end of this book, you should foster serendipity by allowing your employees to simply do, be and experience something different. One of your awards could be just that.