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The is the 3rd video in my series on Innovation Mastery: The Definitive Guide To Running The Ultimate Innovation Program: Looking Cool

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This is an interesting outcome. But it shouldn’t be your primary goal.

Unfortunately, I’ve personally experienced something that feels like this: you have put together a very well thought out program, with seemingly the right people, processes and tools in place. You market the program, you run the program, get really great ideas out of the program, but then the ideas seem to just languish in the system without going anywhere. At the same time, you have many of the executives in the organization talking about how innovative they are, talk about some of the initiatives, like this one, talk about the great numbers of ideas generated and the number of employees engaged.

But that’s as far as it goes. There isn’t even any real talk of any of the products generated, you just seem to hear the word innovation, innovative and innovator over and over again in the marketing materials, but nothing to back it up.

Where are the innovative products and services? What is this cool stuff that you are developing?

Of course, since the point of the program is to just look cool, its seems like you are just trying to out-innovate each other by blasting the word “innovation” from every loudspeaker that you can.

Talk the talk, but no walking the walk.

Listen, I’m all for touting every innovative product that you’ve developed from the rooftops. But first let it be REAL. If you are worried about the IP – protect it via patent filing first.

Stop saying that you are being innovative and just BE INNOVATIVE. You don’t hear Google SAYING that they are innovative. You hear Apple saying it, though. And you probably already know my thoughts on Apple and innovation.

So by all means, innovate so that you can look cool in comparison to your competitors: it has many, many intangible benefits (and maybe a few you can measure)

People will see your company in a new light. It may become easier to hire more innovative individuals, thus generating more innovative products and services. Many innovators prefer “doing cool stuff” instead of “big salaries” so you might even see some relief there. If you are a public company, analysts might see you in a new light. If you are a large public company who may be seen as a has-been, overtaken by newer, cooler companies with more interesting products, maybe building some cool, new products and getting them out the door might go a long way towards revising their opinion of you. Innovation can even save you. Yahoo!, please take note.

You will get more favorable press – everyone loves innovation. As an example, check out the latest video that Amazon put out about delivery by drone. They teased us with that back in 2013, but nothing came of it. Now we are seeing full on video demonstrations of a real drone supposedly delivering a new pair of shoes. This you can measure by reviewing your press mentions and “innovation”.

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