INNOVATION MASTERY: Putting The Players In Place: The Coders [VIDEO]

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This episode: Coders

While this is rare in my experience, you may be in a truly forward thinking company which understands that if there are some really interesting ideas which come out of your innovation program, then some of those ideas will need to move to the prototype stage in order to garner enough support to develop into a real live product. If you have the luxury of being able to create a team who can also develop prototypes of the ideas submitted and approved, then you will need coders to do the work. These coders can be part of your team or if you have some kind of Google-style 20% time, then they can come from other teams and it can be their 20% time. Ideally, the ones who’ve come up with the idea can also help you code the idea. Ideally, here you need at least one front end developer who can design beautiful interfaces (the interface design is more key than covering all of the functionality) and a backend developer who can make the thing work. Don’t worry about scalability, just use a rapid prototyping framework and have it generate a beautiful working prototype. You can then use this prototype to pitch the idea for product.