Next Hot Space: Party Like A Rock Star

Uber, the taxi service which differentiates itself by providing something akin to a “rock star experience” for something which is fairly mundane, is leading the charge into a new, hot space which I’m calling the “rock star experience for all”. With the advance of inexpensive mobile and web tech, a celebrity experience can now be extended to almost anyone, assuming that you have the cash and the desire to have that experience. With Uber, you can call for car service from your smartphone and all of the details are simply handled for you behind the scenes, just as if you were a rock star with your own entourage handling things for you (on your dime of course, but likely at a fraction of what real rock stars are paying for it).

Despite the fact that we are in the throes of a recession, people who have the means are willing to spend more of it in order to have a good time. The market is there, and all you need to do is look at the lives of celebrities in order to determine the kinds of products and services you could conceivably provide in this space.

For example, how about a “rentourage” – instead of having to pay for a retinue of people do to things for you full time, rent a complete entourage of  people who can provide the same set of services when you need them: maybe a full service one night might include a driver, security, hair, makeup and wardrobe, dinner, organized admission to a club or two, etc. for you and a bunch of your friends.

Instead of ignoring or dissing magazines like People, Us Weekly and Star as pointless babble next time you are in the grocery store, try them as the source for your next big startup idea 😉

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