Play Craps With Your Startup

My favorite game when I hit Vegas is craps. I just love the fact that when the table is hot and someone is winning, pretty much everyone around the table is winning as well. There’s nothing like that feeling that you get when you’re literally “on a roll” – every time you roll, you keep on winning. If you keep winning, the dice stay with you and if you keep on winning, people get happier and happier. But then, as soon as you lose, you don’t dwell on the loss. People don’t point at you and flip out, no matter how much they lost (well maybe they do elsewhere, every time that’s happened to me in Vegas its been pretty chill). You don’t linger. You don’t focus on the guy who lost that roll. You move on. You move on to the next shooter. And rightly so.

If you see that you’re starting to lose business and there’s no way to easily turn it around, then maybe the best thing to do is to shut it down and move on. Do something else. If you are rolling and rolling and rolling and all you get are craps, then maybe its time to move to the next shooter.

It’s probably not a bad idea. It’s probably a great idea, but its the wrong time. Maybe its the wrong place. Maybe you have the wrong people in place. Maybe it doesn’t solve enough of a problem. Maybe the market is too small. Maybe the market is not a high enough value.

Maybe, this particular idea, is too hard. I’ll bet that if you look at it that way: how easy is it to do, say compared to other ideas? But I digress.

My point is: if you’ve failed, chalk it up as a lesson as soon as you possibly can with the least amount of drag,then move on the the next, possibly easier idea. Don’t focus on the idea that lost, move on the the next “shooter”