EXECUTE Your Vision

Solve your Biggest Challenges.


John Doerr said, “Execution is everything,” and he was right. You can have the best product idea, the most engaged prospects, and a primo business model, but without flawless execution, it’s all for nothing. I’ve repeatedly successfully launched products and projects for major banks, hospitality companies, and tech firms: a single overqualified, experienced product manager who regularly over-delivers is the dividing line between success and failure.


Tap my extensive experience in a wide variety of environments and industries. I’ve planned, managed, and implemented every conceivable aspect of technology project management and delivered each one on time and frequently below budget. My technology expertise and broad, cross-industry expertise allow me to solve specific project issues and develop innovative solutions while supporting and expanding your core business without disrupting it. I’ve organized and managed teams from startups to enterprises, often involving complex software implementations.


An experienced, over-qualified product/project/program/people manager saves the day. Whether your business is agile or waterfall, it needs strong, stable, reliable project management to develop and implement your technology strategies. My breadth of business and technology experience adds value to your project with proven project management processes, reliable project management methodologies, and vetted toolsets.