IDEATE Amazing Products

Happier customers, future-proofed products.


What is Product Innovation? There are many answers to this question. For me, it is the full end-to-end process of developing a profitable new product, from inception to launch and beyond. And the first key step in any kind of product development is IDEATION, tempered by DEEP RESEARCH and DESIGN THINKING with your potential and current customers. What does your customer want? Is it a want or a need, and what are they willing to pay for?


In my IDEATE practice, I use all the tools. Product Strategy Development, Idea Generation & Product Vision, Design Thinking, Roadmapping, Team and Stakeholder Management, Screening, Concept Testing, Business Analysis, Customer Awareness & Pricing Strategy. In short, I IDEATE every possible permutation of your product before we even drop a line of code.


A detailed roadmap and all ancillary documentation. Take what I create and build it yourself, or let me lead your team to execution success as I’ve done with countless companies like Choice Hotels, Citibank, Google, Hilton Hotels Worldwide, The Institute For The Future, The City Of Palo Alto,, Verizon, Walmart, Wells Fargo, and Yahoo! My ideation work alone has led to billion-dollar patent portfolios.