quotes by kalaboukis, the optimistic futurist™

Free for re-use with attribution


    • They say “it’s better to ask forgiveness than permission”. Real leaders do neither.
    • Predicting the future is like being a meteorologist, you are usually right, but at the wrong time.
    • Everything you can imagine will happen. The only question is when.
    • Nothing ever happens again in the same way.
    • Technology should make us better humans.
    • Technology should just work.
    • To embrace life you must embrace change.
    • Always do better, enough is never enough.
    • Bring joy, and the money will follow.
    • Follow human nature, don’t lead it.
    • The goof is the truth.
    • Socialism is an utter failure. Why do people keep going back to it? Envy. Pure envy. Envy of those who do, pouring from those who won’t.