Startups Innovation: Talking Corporate Innovation [VIDEO]

Innovation Mastery Featured on Startups Innovation

I had the privilege of being interviewed by Alistair Schneider of Innovation Fast Track at Startups Innovation – it was a great, wide-ranging talk including:

  • What does a futurist do?
  • What is Ruby on Rails?
  • Some of the work I did for of the Black Eyed Peas
  • What hellofuture does as the full stack innovation leader
  • A few of the startups I worked on AdviceTrader (like Quora today) & Invention Arts (patents and social media capture and analysis)
  • How the work we did for Yahoo! resulted in a patent portfolio that has recently been listed for over $1B
  • How we developed augmented reality glasses nearly 10 years ago, which others are selling commercially today
  • A bit on my book, Innovation Mastery, soon to be available in print form as well. Here I cover:
    • The outcomes you are looking for from your program
    • The culture you need to establish
    • The players you need in place in order for the program to be successful
    • How to take good care of your inventors
    • End-to-end, what you need to do in order to run a successful program
  • Who is successfully innovating and who isn’t? Those who are willing to completely rewrite the rules of being a corporate entity. Why Google and Facebook can be called innovative, but not Apple.
  • Why disrupting yourself is mandatory for survival. If you “don’t go there” someone else will.
  • Why you need a systematized internal innovation program where everyone has a safe place to put their ideas, then create communication and community around those ideas. It’s also key for those ideas to go somewhere. Make it part of your employee review process. This also has the effect of unearthing your most prolific innovators.
  • Why a cool, interesting environment does make a difference to startups innovation
  • Why you do need a completely new skill set in the new world of work. The talent system is broken, I think we should just go back to the apprenticeship model for all jobs. Being an entrepreneur gives you all the skills you need in order to work in this market.
  • The management style which cultivates innovation
  • I go through a few of the exercises that we use to generate innovative ideas in our workshops
  • Some commentary on Geoffrey Moore’s Zone To Win, where you split our company into zones in order to capture innovation
  • Why it’s so difficult to implement new models and technologies into larger organizations – fear of change
  • How do you find the hot technology companies to partner with – just look for them and contact them – they would love to hear from you.
  • How do you measure innovation?
  • Why Serendipity is very important to innovation
  • What’s the deal with Homo Superior and Homo Nexus?
  • What is this Seamless World thing that I keep talking about, and how it all works…
  • The most interesting hot technology out there – virtual and augmented reality

Totally worth the time