Wonder Man Machine

Fusing Intent, People & The Cloud To Build A Useful Internet

When was the last time you used the internet to look for a flight or hotel and felt that maybe you didn’t get the best deal, or what you really wanted? Or the last time to researched and bought something like a car or a big screen TV and maybe were unhappy that you didn’t get all the information that you needed in order to make the right decision. Or that you went to a restaurant based on excellent online reviews but had a horrible experience? And didn’t you spend an inordinate amount of time doing those things? That you thought that being able to book your own travel, researching your own car purchase, and finding your own restaurant was easy and quick and you always got a great result? How many times have you been happy with the results – getting exactly what you needed, immediately when you needed it?

My guess would be – not as often as you’d think.

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