Workout Like A Rock Star

A while back, I blogged about how one of the next hot spaces would be to take rock star experiences, like the one Uber provides, and make them available to the masses for a fee. To that end, here’s another one – gleaned, as I mentioned, from scanning the covers of the celebrity magazines at the checkout.

If we take a look at the smattering of headlines, we see things like marriages, divorces with insane settlements, new babies, terrible behaviors, and what looks most prominent to me, stories of incredible body transformations, usually weight loss or insane muscle building.

Headlines like “How X lost 40 pounds in one month,” “Y’s baby weight already gone,” or “Check out how Z bulked up for his latest role.” All great role models, right. As people stand in the checkout line, do they look at those weight loss goals or muscle packing goals aspirationally? Probably even think, “I bet if I do what they do, I’ll look like that too, and get discovered/find a mate/get married/get laid/make a ton of money (pick your goal)

Of course, you don’t really hear that there is no way that anyone could follow the same regimen as these celebrities. They can spend weeks or months losing weight and/or preparing for a role since they have either 1) already made enough money from their previous project to devote all of their time to working out or 2) have already secured the money. Either way, they don’t have to focus on the same kind of silly things the rest of us spend most of our days doing, AKA working. It’s easy to drop 40 pounds in a month if you can spare all of your effort to just do that.

But I digress. Celebrities don’t just have free time; they have nutritionists, trainers, and any other person and help that they need in order to sculpt their bodies the way they see fit.

The idea is to provide that same kind of service, for a fee, of course, to regular people. Of course, it wouldn’t be as high touch as in-person trainers, etc., but meal plans, live video assistance, and all other needs can probably be addressed. The key is also that the user devotes the time required in order to get fit. That’s the toughest part. So there are some issues to be addressed.